Mobile Monday Seminar @ Mars Discovery District

A few members of WireIE recently attended a seminar as part of “Mobile Mondays” at the MaRS Centre, in downtown Toronto.

The event was hosted by Micheal O’Farrell –Chair of the dotMobi Advisory Group and lead author of the Wiley publication, “Mobile Internet for Dummies”.

O’Farrell’s presentation revolved around the mobile Internet revolution and how companies should become a part of it.

It is a fact that four mobile phones are purchased for every personal computer, which means there is a world of individuals whose main access point to the Internet is a mobile device.

Although mobile devices and the networks that support them are improving, certain sites can be hard to locate and have little content when you find them. This is why O’Farrell created “.mobi” domain names – to let consumers know that the site will work on their mobile phones (and is compatible with all phone models).

This gives consumers the choice on how and when you access the Internet, Freedom from desktops & laptops, and the freedom to take the net wherever you go.

Therefore, this is a great opportunity for mass market adoption of the mobile Internet. Both local and global mobile data service consumption is exponentially growing, as are the wealth of new business venture opportunities to service the mass market adoption of made-for-mobile web, applications, marketing and commerce. Best of all, there is an amazing untapped opportunity for companies to lead the charge in securing high-growth business both locally and globally.

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