RF design and planning is a fundamental activity central to the optimal use of wireless spectrum. Not only is RF spectrum a finite resource, it is also quite expensive and every operator aims to use it effectively.

Every network is designed to ensure adequate coverage within the defined service area. The secondary consideration is to guarantee the capacity requirements of the users within the defined service area are satisfied. The capacity calculation should account for both local (home) subscribers and visitors who are roaming on the network. The situation where the number of users exceed the available network resources is referred to as congestion and is known in the industry as Busy Hour (BH). The effect of congestion leads to blocking on the network.

The WireIE Difference:
Radio Frequency Design & Optimization

The WireIE RF Design and Network Optimization Centre combines our unique intellectual capital with the use of industry-leading RF planning and design tools – assuring every client will have a high performance network design targeted to address their fundamental business objectives.

IP Core Network Design

Regardless of whether the objective is an all-IP network core, or a circuit/IP packet switched hybrid, WireIE has the knowledge and experience to develop and implement core network solutions of the utmost quality and performance.

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