Business transformation is on every network operator’s mind as demand for voice levels off while demand for data continues to grow exponentially. As a result of this shift, the industry is being forced to reinvent itself. Fourth generation network technologies promise to bring capital and operating costs in line with the world of data, but for most operators, that’s at least a year or two away and in the meantime, we’re forced to contend with the world around us changing very quickly.

Sponsored by amdocs, The Intelligence Unit of The Economist assembled a team to interview senior executives of network operators and independent industry experts. As expected, there is a global perspective with input from Europe, North America and China. The result is Fighting Smart. Strategy Options for Telecoms Operators.

In a quest to move beyond conclusions of our industry being relegated to “dumb pipe” status, the report delves into five potential business models.

  • Smart Pipe
  • Efficient Pipe
  • Pricing Pioneer
  • Defender of the Realm
  • Transformer

WireIE has been engaged in the conversation of our industry’s future since the company’s inception and is a strong supporter of the philosophy of Open Mobile.

We invite visitors here to read the report, judge for themselves and by all means, comment here. The report is available for download by clicking on the image below. Again, our thanks to amdocs and The Economist.

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