Recently, Rob Barlow, President and C.E.O. of WireIE sat down and shared his point of view on the evolution of Intelligent Energy networks and how this evolution fits into WireIE’s commitment to Intelligent Energy systems.

As specialists in designing, building and managing Next Generation wireless networks, WireIE established an exclusive relationship with The University of Ontario’s Institute of Technology (UOIT) in 2009 to advance the understanding of ‘Intelligent Energy’ networks and the communications infrastructure required to optimize their performance.  In the interview, Rob explains that WireIE’s expertise in maximizing networks is very much in sync with the growing demand for ‘Smart Grids’ or, ‘Intelligent Energy’ systems. In particular,  Rob highlights that  communications infrastructure “is perhaps the most important determining factor in deciding the scale and operational limits of a power grid. The absence of a robust communications infrastructure will undermine the utility of the grid. It is that important.”

During the interview, Rob provides his opinion and insight into the following questions:

  • How does ‘Intelligent Energy’ fit into WireIE’s business model?
  • What’s driving the interest in ‘Intelligent Energy’?
  • What do you believe needs to be done now?
  • How do you see the evolving role of the communications infrastructure?
  • What changes have you seen over the past few years?
  • What other factors will impact the evolution of Intelligent Energy?
  • What can we expect from WireIE?
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