Connectivity. Seems like such a simple thing, doesn’t it? Most of us can’t imagine a world without it. For many First Nation communities in Canada, not having access to the proper connectivity is a reality they face every day. The lack of quality, high-speed broadband coverage that Canadians are receiving in rural areas across the country, is an issue that WireIE has strived to resolve since we opened our doors ten years ago. When the seed was planted from FirstTEL and KNET on the possibility of a broadband expansion within one of Canada’s First Nation communities, our team of experts jumped on the opportunity to be involved.

On March 1st, for many underserved Canadians in the Wiikwemkoong region, their problem was finally over. At a press conference held that morning, FirstTEl Communications, along with the Government of Canada, announced the new Connecting Canadians rural broadband program for the community of Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory. With a federal investment of $104,000, WireIE along with partners FirstTEL and KNET were able to expand broadband infrastructure to the members and businesses of the Wiikwemkoong community, leaving those who were once underserved now up to par with established communities across Canada.

So, what’s the next step of the program? Expanding. Not only by connecting households but by connecting communities. “There are First Nations communities like Wiikwemkoong all across Canada. If they don’t have connectivity and the internet, then a lot of these communities will not survive,” stated Marc Serré, MP of Nickel Belt. “The importance of getting that connectivity is crucial, to not only increase the quality of life but to support local business ventures.”

In today’s day and age, we know how important technology and access to the internet is to the economic climate and educational development. By continuing this expansion, WireIE along with our partners FirstTEL, can continue to secure an economic future for underserved communities across Canada.

To say it was a busy month for our team here at WireIE would be an understatement. As November rapidly approached, our management team, President & CEO, Rob Barlow and EVP of Marketing, Neil Buchanan prepared for the final networking events of the season. Both events, taking place outside of Canada provided our team with the opportunity to provide thought leadership across the global telecom market as well as allowed us to continue to grow internationally throughout the Americas.

The first event, known as Capacity Europe, took place on November 7-9th in Paris, France. The three-day conference had a record number of attendees with 2,000 seCapacityEuropenior level guests, 500 companies and 80 countries, all of which included an array of critical industry leaders, but that wouldn’t be the highlight for our team; that came later on during second day of the conference while attending the 11th Global Carrier Awards. On the evening of November 8th, we were honored to accept the  Best North American Project award. WireIE received the awarded as a result of our unique nomadic solution, which combines innovative technology and management processes to address the need for MEF-certified, carrier-grade Ethernet in underserved markets internationally. “It is an honor to be recognized not only for our nomadic solution, but for our greater goal of creating a more connected world and enabling our carrier partners to future-proof their networks,” said President & CEO, Rob Barlow.

Exactly a week later, our management team boarded a plane, still elated from our win, ready to take on Telecom Exchange, in Los Angeles, CA. Aside from walking the floor and making new connections during this premiere industry event, our team was excited to hear Rob speak on two CEO Roundtables entitled, “IoT & the Data Center: Talking Cloud, Power & Performance” and “IoT & Cybersecurity: Risks in the Supply Chain, Privacy & Defense.” The Roundtables provided an opportunity for industry leaders to share their predictions for tech and telecom’s future and to participate in casual Q&A discussion moderated by industry analysts and journalists.

TelecomExchangeLAWant to see a replay of the roundtables? Stay tuned for the release of the videos on our website as well as a look into Rob’s video interview with JSA TV, where he delved into the topics of IOT and IIOT and how they are important to our society and enterprises. Believe us, these are discussions you won’t want to miss!

If you happened to miss us at the shows, you’ll be able to find our management team in Hawaii for the annual, Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) event. To arrange an onsite meeting with Rob and the rest of the WireIE team at PTC, please email

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The tide is shifting on acceptance and adoption of microwave radio as a viable alternative or supplement to fibre and economics may dictate more of the same.

For many in the telecommunications industry the recognition of microwave as a viable alternative to fibre to create carrier grade bandwidth with industry leading latency is not old news.

It has been frustrating to witness that the marketplace has not recognized this fact in a substantial and meaningful way. That does appear to be changing.

Late last year, Jason Bunge of Dow Jones wrote about the pace and level of high speed microwave adoption that has taken place recently in the securities exchange markets in North America and Europe. His article highlights how the deployment of high speed broadband over microwave is about to outpace fibre network deployment this year. As Bunge notes this is an industry where milliseconds count and where the highest standards of speed and network reliability are considered essential.

What is driving the change is cost efficiency and timeliness as the exchange business needs to address declining trade volumes by increasing speed and efficiency in their markets without breaking the bank to do it.

Many consider the capital markets to be technology leaders in the Financial Services (FS) sector and highly influential concerning the use and adoption of technology and telecom innovation. If the leaders of the FS sector are ready to make the jump to microwave radio it bodes well for the broader adoption of this standard within that sector and beyond.

Consider for a moment that the economics is driving the shift away from fibre and it becomes clear that there are other sectors that could likewise realize the same benefits and make the switch. If not for primary connections to office locations, it will be used as secondary to locations that have fibre available. Industries like oil and gas extraction, mining, Manufacturing, retail and the public sector are all witness to both exponential growth in data and the opportunity to use data to quickly and effectively deliver innovative new products and services to an increasingly “high demand” business place. If it is also recognized as an alternative or supplement that is more cost effective than traditional fibre deployment, widespread adoption of microwave radio  is not far behind? It is not the innovation of technology that is the biggest driver of change but the “mother of necessity” economics that makes change all the more compelling.

– Rob Barlow, CEO

About WireIE: We deliver carrier-grade Transparent Ethernet Solutions backed by SLAs. With a custom blend of fiber and digital to suit your circumstances, we transform, extend and support your communications networks in rural and remote areas. +1.905.882.4660 | |

On June 8, 2012, the Government of Ontario took the next step in their Clean Energy Economic Development Strategy, with the release of the Clean Energy Institute (CEI). The new institute will bring together industry leaders and utility companies to build on Ontario’s strengths in smart grid technologies and other clean energy innovations.

In conjunction with the CEI, Mars hosted the Future Energy Summit focused on bringing some of the top minds in clean energy to give feedback and help design the Smart Grid we need. A smarter grid will spearhead better tools to manage electricity use, help utilities prevent, detect and restore outages and ultimately connect every home and building to a renewable energy grid, therefore, decreasing green house gas emissions.

WireIE contributes to the Smart Grid by partnering with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) to define the operational requirements of a communications network supporting Smart Grid. By modeling various rural and urban electricity distribution scenarios, communication network specifications have been developed. This collaboration continues as WireIE sponsors the study and modeling of new Smart Grid applications.

WireIE is now part of this new funding released today by the Energy Minister for a Durham region trial. This will advance our current research into a live production environment. As a Smart Grid future is enabled in Ontario WireIE will continue to lead with its partners.

For more information on Ontario’s Clean Energy Institute:

For more information on Smart Grid projects:

For more information about Microwave Technologies for Carrier Ethernet Services, download this MEF document

About WireIE: We deliver carrier-grade Transparent Ethernet Solutions backed by SLAs. With a custom blend of fiber and digital to suit your circumstances, we transform, extend and support your communications networks in rural and remote areas. +1.905.882.4660 | |

At WireIE, we’re committed to the communities in which we do business. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, we support a number of initiatives that benefit every region we operate in. A full 1.5% of our revenue goes directly back to these communities.

Computers for the Caribbean Foundation

In 2009, we were proud to take part in an initiative to donate 15 HP computers to Grenada for use by the three primary schools across the country.

We have created a 90-second video that explains this donation, and are proud to share it with you today. Please click here to check out the video.


WireIE is pleased to announce the official launch of the “Computers for the Caribbean (CTC)” Foundation, in conjunction with the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO).

On July 13, 2009, WireIE President & CEO Robert Barlow (Left), and VP of Business Development for Emerging Markets Ray Bulengo (Centre) presented The Honourable Tillman Thomas, Prime Minister of Grenada (Far Right), with a donation of at least 15 HP computers and training for the 2009 calendar year, at CANTO’s 25th Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition in Trinidad & Tobago.

WireIE will donate 1.5% of its revenue from the region to purchase computers and train the recipients on a yearly basis.

The computers will be placed in libraries, post offices, and community access centres for public use in Grenada.

The CTC Foundation represents the ongoing commitment of WireIE and CANTO in the development and growth of the Caribbean region.