WireIE at CTU Roadshow Stop this Week in St.Kitts & Nevis

WireIE will be attending the Caribbean ICT Roadshow & 5th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum in St. Kitts & Nevis on Aug. 24 – 26.

On Tuesday, Aug. 25, Ray Bulengo, WireIE’s VP of Business Development – Emerging Markets will be presenting on Private Government Broadband Networks, explaining Wireless Wide Area Networking, its the key challenges, and WireIE’s value proposition.

For more information on the roadshow, please visit : http://ctu.int/cigf-2009-overview

MSN Demonstrates IPTV at WireIE CANTO Booth


WireIE was pleased to have representatives from MSN performing a demonstration of Internet Protocol Television (ITPV) at our CANTO booth last week.

WireIE CTO Tim Brown (Left), with MSN Representative Brian W. Gutiérrez Alba (Right)

WireIE’s President & CEO Robert Barlow (Far Left) and VP of Business Development – Emerging Markets Ray Bulengo (Far Right) interacting with CANTO Conference delegates.

IPTV (Internet Protocol television) is the streamed delivery of video content encoded as a series of Internet Protocol (IP) packets. Traditionally, IPTV is distributed by a service provider and can deliver either live TV or stored video. IPTV is often bundled with other broadband Internet services — VoIP (Voice over IP) being the most common.

Unlike the broadcast model with digital or analog cable television, IPTV sends only one program at a time per set top box.  When a viewer changes the channel, delivery of the original stream is stopped and a new stream is transmitted from the provider’s server directly to the viewer.

WireIE and CANTO Launch “Computers for the Caribbean” Foundation


WireIE is pleased to announce the official launch of the “Computers for the Caribbean (CTC)” Foundation, in conjunction with the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO).

On July 13, 2009, WireIE President & CEO Robert Barlow (Left), and VP of Business Development for Emerging Markets Ray Bulengo (Centre) presented The Honourable Tillman Thomas, Prime Minister of Grenada (Far Right), with a donation of at least 15 HP computers and training for the 2009 calendar year, at CANTO’s 25th Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition in Trinidad & Tobago.

WireIE will donate 1.5% of its revenue from the region to purchase computers and train the recipients on a yearly basis.

The computers will be placed in libraries, post offices, and community access centres for public use in Grenada.

The CTC Foundation represents the ongoing commitment of WireIE and CANTO in the development and growth of the Caribbean region.

Mobile Monday Seminar @ Mars Discovery District

A few members of WireIE recently attended a seminar as part of “Mobile Mondays” at the MaRS Centre, in downtown Toronto.

The event was hosted by Micheal O’Farrell –Chair of the dotMobi Advisory Group and lead author of the Wiley publication, “Mobile Internet for Dummies”.

O’Farrell’s presentation revolved around the mobile Internet revolution and how companies should become a part of it.

It is a fact that four mobile phones are purchased for every personal computer, which means there is a world of individuals whose main access point to the Internet is a mobile device.

Although mobile devices and the networks that support them are improving, certain sites can be hard to locate and have little content when you find them. This is why O’Farrell created “.mobi” domain names – to let consumers know that the site will work on their mobile phones (and is compatible with all phone models).

This gives consumers the choice on how and when you access the Internet, Freedom from desktops & laptops, and the freedom to take the net wherever you go.

Therefore, this is a great opportunity for mass market adoption of the mobile Internet. Both local and global mobile data service consumption is exponentially growing, as are the wealth of new business venture opportunities to service the mass market adoption of made-for-mobile web, applications, marketing and commerce. Best of all, there is an amazing untapped opportunity for companies to lead the charge in securing high-growth business both locally and globally.

WireIE Conducts Company-Wide Offsite Meeting

On Tuesday, April 28, WireIE conducted its first semi-annual offsite meeting of 2009. In attendance were WireIE employees from Canada, the US, and emerging markets, as well as representatives from our partner companies and strategic advisors.

The meeting was an excellent opportunity for everyone at the company to come together in the same place at the same time and review our three main areas that we work in for Network Transformation Solutions – Telco. Tier 1, Telco. Emerging Markets, and the Utility Sector. Today’s market was analyzed for each, as well as what it will look like in three-to-five years.

It was also discussed that WireIE’s corporate positioning and key differentiators are as follows:

WireIE is an IP-based mobile network design and delivery company that provides fully operational, turnkey network solutions using next generation, eco-friendly solutions.

•    4G / Next Gen IP Conversions – core, network, and RAN
•    Eco-friendly and carbon neutral solutions
•    Fully operational integration with existing OSS
•    Financing & capital management
•    Vendor Agnostic

WireIE’s ICT projects enable economic development, and our Smart Grid solutions are an economic foundation to reduce global warming.

Our offsite meetings occur semi-yearly as the company continues to grow. The timing was perfect as the WireIE team aligns itself as a driving force with shared initiatives.

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Instead of visiting your favourite websites or blogs to see if anything new has been posted, RSS feeds bring the content directly to you, saving you valuable time and allowing you to stay focused on what matters to you.

All you need is an RSS aggregator or reader (such as pageflakes, igoogle, bloglines, etc.). This YouTube video should answer all your questions about RSS.


Tweet, tweet, tweet

A mere week ago, I was a twitter skeptic.

Last Friday, I had several co-workers gathered around my desk energetically explaining the opportunity and buzz that is the magic of twitter. At the time, I did not really “get” what the point was of letting the web world know one’s each and every move on a regular or in many cases, very frequent basis.

Now I possess a Twitter account and am somewhat addicted.

Those of you who have seen some recent media buzz but are still unfamiliar with the site should really check it out. If you are curious about how it works, this video does a great job at explaining the site in a simple way:

Twitter in Plain English

Many celebrities and public figures are now “tweeting” (the term used for twitter’s “What are you doing?” status updates). Most use twitter for sharing interesting facts, thoughts, and links.

Twitter allows you to direct tweets at other users, by using the “@” symbol and the username of the person before a post. This will create a link to that user’s profile for others to see. There is also a direct message feature in case you wish to contact a fellow tweeter in a more private manner.

Placing “RT” before a post signifies a “re-tweet”, in which you copy information that you learned from another user’s tweet.

All in all, Twitter is very cool, very entertaining, and is an excellent networking tool – whether for business or personal use.

You can find WireIE’s official twitter page here.

Happy tweeting!


WireIE’s Latest Press Release

WireIE Holdings International Inc. is 100% Carbon Neutral for 2008

Richmond Hill (ON) March 4, 2009 – WireIE Holdings International Inc. is proud to label themselves a carbon neutral company for 2008 through the purchase of carbon offsets. WireIE offsets the carbon emissions used for office space, fuel for business travel, and flights.

A carbon offset is a financial instrument representing a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and are measured in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e). One carbon offset represents the reduction of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide, or other greenhouse gases.

WireIE purchased offsets from Toronto-based offset broker Carbonzero in order to contribute to positive environmental projects such as wind farms and solar installations.

“Establishing our company as 100% carbon neutral is not only important to WireIE as a leader in corporate responsibility, but also reflects our corporate culture and alternative energy products and CarbonVIX solutions”, said Robert Barlow, President & CEO of WireIE Holdings International Inc.

Offsetting corporate carbon emissions is very important because it allows companies to take personal responsibility and manage greenhouse gas emissions before regulations are introduced. Carbon offsets fund environmentally progressive projects around the globe such as wind farms, biomass energy, or hydroelectric dams, which therefore “subtract” the polluting emissions from the net climate impact. Offsets also help support the transition to sustainable technologies and provide extra revenue for these types of projects.

“Carbonzero looks forward to working with WireIE on continuing initiatives, increasing WireIE’s carbon IQ […] thus enabling the quantification of emissions reductions associated with implemented and proposed measures”, said Howie Chong, President and Founder of Carbonzero.

Climate change is a global problem and emission reductions made elsewhere have the same positive effects as those that are made locally.

While reducing energy use should always be the first priority, voluntarily purchasing carbon offsets is one way to encourage the transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy, and shows true support for action on climate change.

– 30 –

For more information please contact:
Jennifer Marron, Marketing Specialist, WireIE Holdings International Inc.

Welcome to WireIE’s Official Blog

Hello and welcome to WireIE’s official blog, “Whiteboard”. My name is Jennifer Marron and I am the Marketing & Communications Specialist at WireIE and will be overseeing this space. Tim Brown, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will also be a frequent contributor to this blog and brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for new media and emerging technologies.

The purpose of this blog is to educate, discuss, and share topics relating to next generation wireless technologies, and alternative energy solutions. You can expect to see lots of multimedia in our posts, and we highly encourage and welcome all conversation and comments (both positive and negative!).

It is our goal that this blog will be a fun centre of excellence and interactive community for the wireless industry. Please add us to your RSS reader.

Off we go….


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