WireIE Shortlisted for Capacity Global Carrier Awards

TORONTO, ON – November 1, 2016 – WireIE, a wholesale network operator specialized in the deployment of MEF-Certified Carrier Ethernet networks to Canada’s underserved markets, announces it has been shortlisted for the Capacity Global Carrier Awards. WireIE was nominated for the award based on its innovative solutions for resource-based companies, which provides carrier-grade, MEF-certified Ethernet to underserved and hard to reach markets.

WireIE’s delivery of high quality network services to the underserved regions addresses the problems faced by its customers due to high latencies and low bandwidth. The high speed internet connections resulting from WireIE’s solutions enable the use of critical real-time applications for voice and data, which eliminates the communications divide between office and the field. As a result, companies experience enhanced efficiency, lower costs and the ability to leverage new opportunities previously out of reach.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for WireIE’s work in bringing enhanced connectivity to the oil and gas vertical,” states Rob Barlow, CEO and President of WireIE. “We’ve witnessed a significant increase in the demand for reliable, low latency connectivity from resource-based companies in Canada, as well as internationally. We look forward to continue working with our partners to deliver these services and empower our customers to accomplish things they previously didn’t believe were possible.”

“WireIE solves many of the logistical challenges for telecom in verticals and resource-based industries globally, particularly in underserved geographies,” adds Alan Burkitt-Gray, Editor of Capacity Magazine.

The Capacity Global Carrier Awards celebrate innovation, excellence and vision, setting the benchmark for performance throughout the global wholesale telecoms marketplace. The winners will be announced at the 11th Global Carrier Awards 2016 on Tuesday, November 8 in Paris, France.

WireIE will be attending Capacity Europe, the largest carrier event in Europe, November 7-9. To schedule a meeting on-site, please email jsa_wireie@jaymiescotto.com.

WireIE Holdings International Inc. is 100% Carbon Neutral for 2008


Richmond Hill (ON) March 4, 2009 – WireIE Holdings International Inc. is proud to label themselves a carbon neutral company for 2008 through the purchase of carbon offsets. WireIE offsets the carbon emissions used for office space, fuel for business travel, and flights.

A carbon offset is a financial instrument representing a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and are measured in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e). One carbon offset represents the reduction of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide, or other greenhouse gases.

WireIE purchased offsets from Toronto-based offset broker Carbonzero in order to contribute to positive environmental projects such as wind farms and solar installations.

“Establishing our company as 100% carbon neutral is not only important to WireIE as a leader in corporate responsibility, but also reflects our corporate culture and alternative energy products and CarbonVIX solutions”, said Robert Barlow, President & CEO of WireIE Holdings International Inc.

Offsetting corporate carbon emissions is very important because it allows companies to take personal responsibility and manage greenhouse gas emissions before regulations are introduced. Carbon offsets fund environmentally progressive projects around the globe such as wind farms, biomass energy, or hydroelectric dams, which therefore “subtract” the polluting emissions from the net climate impact. Offsets also help support the transition to sustainable technologies and provide extra revenue for these types of projects.

“Carbonzero looks forward to working with WireIE on continuing initiatives, increasing WireIE’s carbon IQ […] thus enabling the quantification of emissions reductions associated with implemented and proposed measures”, said Howie Chong, President and Founder of Carbonzero.

Special items included in the periods presented include the following:

  • Costs to achieve mergers and International impairment represent charges that result from potential or completed strategic acquisitions and divestitures that do not reflect ongoing costs.
  • Cost savings initiatives represents severance charges related to company-wide initiatives to standardize processes and systems, leverage technology and workforce optimization, which are not representative of ongoing costs.
  • Commercial Renewables Impairment represents an other-than-temporary impairment of certain equity method investments. Management believes the impairment does not reflect an ongoing cost.
  • Edwardsport settlement and Ash basin settlement represent charges related to settlement agreements with regulators and other governmental entities and do not represent ongoing costs.

Climate change is a global problem and emission reductions made elsewhere have the same positive effects as those that are made locally.
While reducing energy use should always be the first priority, voluntarily purchasing carbon offsets is one way to encourage the transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy, and shows true support for action on climate change.