Five Proven Points from WireIE CEO Rob Barlow


So, you want to build something of value. You may own a business, or maybe you have a successful career.  Regardless, you only get out what you put in.

I don’t consider myself an expert, and my business is a continuous learning experience.  But if there is one thing I have done, it’s start my own company.

Here are five key points I have learned on my journey, and some that I feel have been key learning’s in the creation and running of WireIE.

1. Make sure your product is ready.

Don’t rush. Too many companies rush a product or service they provide and only focus on the perceived market opportunity. Like as if it’s something that will disappear. If your core product or service is ready and you know it adds value, you can capture the market or make your own and keep it.

2. Good companies just need time – (Sorry, time machines do not exist).

This is really about maximizing your survivability. Finding the right financial partners,  resources, and tools you need to support the value you are creating. Some of the most popular startups are really 20-year-old organizations

3. Your Brand and Culture is your identity.

How you portray yourself and your company builds a social and professional identity. Want to be seen as reliable and trustworthy? Build a strong customer service front. Want to be recognized for your loyal and relaxed internal culture? Treat your staff well and provide team-building events. It’s yours for the taking, build it how you want it using innovative ways and educate the market. You really are what you build.

4. Build a network of mentors. It really is lonely at the top. 

Hey, my mom even comments on my Instagram posts every now and then – it never hurts to have support! Seriously though, business mentors have been through situations and can offer great advice. The basic process of business is not unique to you, plus, you form life-long business connections and will also learn how to mentor others through the process. It will feel great to see others succeed as those that have helped you have experienced.

5. Have goals.

Setting goals is a must. Writing it down sets intention. It keeps you on track and motivated and you should always revisit your goals. Straight paths are rare, plus nothing is more satisfying than setting yourself a benchmark that will help you exceed your own expectations.

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